When the question of the safety of acupuncture comes up, we can all agree that acupuncture is one of the safest procedures anyone could undergo. But what about for children? Is it as safe for them as it is for adults? The simple answer? Yes, yes, it is, as long as it’s in the hands of a trained professional.

Studies, like this one in the Paediatrics Journal, have found that, like in adults, the use of acupuncture with children is quite safe, with only about 10% of the children studied experiencing mild side effects that included bruising, numbness and slight pain at the point of puncture. There were also rare cases of severe side effects which might be attributed to substandard practice.

A lot of parents today are turning to acupuncture for their children due to the fact that it is a safe, non-invasive and effective way of promoting or encouraging the body to help heal itself. Acupuncture focuses on treating the symptoms behind an ailment which safely resolves it and prevents its reoccurrence. With today’s modern methods of acupuncture, which include painless acupuncture, the inclusion of children in its use has never been so welcoming. Like in adults, the treatments are adjusted to fit each patient so as to give the best results with every child. Yan Acupuncture Clinic uses specially designed painless acupuncture needles for children even as young as a day old.

In children, acupuncture can be used to aid in the healing or the easing of symptoms of conditions such as allergies and asthma, it helps boosts the immune system, it promotes healthy digestive function easing such things as constipation or irregular bowl movements, it is effective at relieving pain both acute and chronic, it helps kids relax, reliving them of stress and anxiety, and so much more. Letting your child undergo an acupuncture treatment could even be a lesson in open-mindedness, showing them that there is more than one way to tackle a problem and reminding them to be open to them.

But before you set up an appointment with just any acupuncture practitioner, make sure that they’re registered with a professional medical body in your region. If you’re in Australia, you can check with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia for clinics and/or practitioners registered to practice Chinese medicine. Yan Acupuncture Clinic is registered under Dr. Yan Li, Chinese Medicine Registration number: CHR000172170.

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