Detox can be used to assist in various ailments. These may include improving general wellbeing, assisting in smoking cessation/ addictions and intestinal tract upsets.

Chinese herbs during detox help to eliminate and flush waste as well as move and clear the stagnation of energy throughout the body. Having a direct effect on the metabolisation of fat, proteins and carbohydrates in the system, Chinese herbs can also assist in part of a general health and wellbeing diet change.

Helping to kick starts the body’s natural elimination process, detoxing cleanses the body internally. Flushing out toxins and balancing energy within the body will also help restore bacteria within the gut, essential for a healthy digestive system.

Each Chinese herb detox treatment is customised to suit the individual, taking into account the type of ailments and symptoms the person might be experiencing.

As with any detox treatment ensure to drink plenty of water and get adequate rest and introduce more fibre into your diet. Eating low fat and low sugar foods, as well as eating more fresh fruit and vegetables will further assist your detox. A healthy balanced lifestyle is essential for improved wellbeing.

After a detox cleanse with Chinese herbs, new bacteria colonisations are formed in the gut, helping to bring the balance of good and bad bacteria into alignment. Also it is assisting in the effective absorption of vitamins and minerals within the intestines, thus improving general wellbeing.

Energy levels will be restored after treatment and many say their levels greatly improve. The balance of energy throughout the body is key in any Chinese medicine treatment. Many symptoms can show up in the body when there is a build-up or stagnation of energy.

Chinese herbs must be monitored and administered by a registered Chinese Medicine practitioner at Chinese Medicine Board Australia.

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