Many men and women like to start a detox plan ready for summer to get their bodies back into shape after poor winter habits. Overeating and lack of exercise lead to common complaints after the cold season has finished. With the warmer weather also come many wanting to feel and look their best whilst out enjoying their day.

A summer detox can assist in flushing toxins from the body, improve digestion and balance the energy flow throughout. Common complaints including cellulite and sluggish lymphatic systems can be assisted through a holistic approach including Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Acupuncture can be applied to assist in the correct functioning of internal organs which may show up as a sluggish digestive system. These symptoms may also include cellulite on the body and general lack of energy.

Chinese medicine can assist in a summer detox by internally strengthening and balancing the body’s natural system. This application boosts the flushing of the build-up of toxins through accelerating and supporting the body’s elimination process. Thus it is helping the sluggish organs to return to their natural efficient functioning state.

As part of a holistic approach there are simple things that can be adopted as part of a summer detox plan at home. The use of a body brush for dry skin brushing can be a great way to boost the body’s lymphatic system. Simple exercise such as a brisk walk and drinking plenty of water will also assist in speeding up the body’s metabolic process.

With all health treatments, a diet high in fibre and low in sugar will help keep the benefits continuing after the summer detox process has been completed. Regular exercise and adequate rest is also essential in maintaining a healthy body.

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