When a client complains of sinus discharge; post-nasal drip; headache; hearing problems; ear infection; a sinus cold; or sinus allergies that won't go away (or that come and go), we think of sinusitis. Often it's not apparently acute, but over time, it really puts a burden on the immune system and if left untreated, it can lead to serious infection requiring strong antibiotics..

Complementary and alternative medicine offers treatment approaches to sinusitis in both early and late stages. In early stages without severe infection, we often use treatment as an alternative to Western therapies. In later stages, we often combine therapies in a complementary manner.

Chinese medicine practitioners often use acupuncture and Chinese herbs as basic treatment. It has been proven that the treatments have better results and leave with no side effects. The patients feel they have more energy; the symptoms are getting ease off surly. Acupuncture treatments should be considered at least twice a week for acute or difficult situations.

The areas with damaged tissue may feel a sharp sensation, which only lasts a few seconds. In time, this discomfort will subside as the tissues heal. The benefits are worth the temporary sensation. The sinuses will begin to drain, and as old build-ups begin to work loose, phlegm of various colours and consistencies will be discharged. There may be some blood in the phlegm initially as well.

Chinese patent or pill formulas and cooked bulk herb formulas are available to help speed up the healing, reduced the tough phlegm, reduce infections without antibiotics, and rebalance the system.


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